Contact Information

Grace Hopper College

P.O. Box 209127
189 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06520-0927

Student Mail

U.S. Postal Service items - Ship to:
Your PO Box at Yale Station

UPS, FedEx, DHL & All Private Carrier packages - Ship to:
Your Name
Barnes & Noble Student Package Center - Grace Hopper College
77 Broadway, Lower Level
New Haven, CT  06511
You will receive an email notification to pick up. Due to limited space, please pick up your package(s) within 24 hours after you arrive to campus. Unclaimed packages will be returned to sender.

Incoming new students, freshmen and transfers, must follow the mailing and shipping directions on the freshman site here.

Office Phone Numbers

Head of College’s Office: (203) 432-0740
Dean’s Office: (203) 432-0744
FAX: (203) 432-8120

Important Numbers

Note: All numbers begin with area code 203

Emergency (from Yale phone)  911

Security 785-5555
Police (non-emergency) 432-4400
Centrex information. 432-4771
Dean’s Office 432-0744
Head of College’s Office 432-0740 

Health Services Center, 55 Lock St
Emergency Room. 432-0123
Billing 432-0240
Claims 432-0250
Infirmary 432-0001
Information 432-0246
Medical Records 432-0062
Member Services 432-0246
Mental Hygiene 432-0290
Pharmacy 432-0033
Travel Clinic 432-0093

General Information
Admissions, Undergraduate 432-9300
Bursar, Office of 432-2700
Financial Aid, Undergraduate 432-0371
ID Card Information 432-0165
Physical Plant Emergency 432-6888
Registrar, Office of the 432-2330
Repertory Theater, Yale 432-1234
Shuttle Bus, Day 432-9720
Shuttle Bus, Night 432-6330
Yale-New Haven Hospital 688-4242