Hopper College Council

Hopper College Council 2023-2024

A Message from Hopper College Council 

We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer and we are so excited to welcome you back to the best residential college! We are looking forward to a year of getting to know you, having fun, and making the most of this year at Yale.
See you soon!

The Hopper Family

About HCC

Hopper College Council is the student government body of Grace Hopper College. The HCC is dedicated to helping run the college and improving, and sometimes reinventing, conditions of student life. The HCC plans events, forwards student initiatives, and helps subsidize costs for student activities and projects.
“We love to see new Hopper faces at our weekly meetings!” say Anjali Dhanekula and Alex Moore, who lead 2023-2024 HCC as Co-Presidents. It’s a great way to meet some new friends, share ideas for new activities and learn what’s happening in Hopper. The meetings are short (typicaly under 30 minutes), fun, and there is always food! Stop by whith ideas, a smile, or just for a snack. If you have any requests, please contact the HCC leadership (see below). To stay updated on events, follow Hopper College on Instagram @hoppercollege.
HCC Time and Place: Mondays at 8:30 pm, in the Common Room.

Hopper Events

The HCC puts on great events for Hopper students throughout the academic year. And the HCC is always looking for new ideas, so reach out to us or come to a meeting if you have any suggestions!

HCC Executive Committee


Anjali Dhanekula (anjali.dhanekula@yale.edu)

Alex Moore (alex.moore@yale.edu)

Communications Director:

Olivia Cevasco (olivia.cevasco@yale.edu)

Social Activities Chairs:

Brooklyn Brauner (brooklyn.brauner@yale.edu)

Andy Gu (andy.gu@yale.edu)

Join HCC

Any registered Yale undergraduate affiliated with Hopper may attend, observe, and participate in HCC meetings. HCC encourages all Hopper students to attend any meeting during the year!

HCC Events