Important Info for Hopper Students


The dean has blocks of times set aside each weekday for student appointments. Both morning and afternoon slots are made available throughout the week to accommodate students’ various schedules. If you’d like an appointment with the dean, please contact Terry (; 203-432-0744), and she will schedule you appropriately. 

Dean’s Excuses

Dean’s Excuses are official communications from the Dean’s Office to authorize the postponement of work missed in certain circumstances (see below). Dean’s Excuses cannot be used to excuse absences; these matters should be raised with instructors directly.

Here is the language from the Yale College Academic Regulations regarding Dean’s Excuses, to which all Residential College Deans adhere:

The basic responsibility for permitting postponement of work during the term is the instructor’s. However, the residential college dean may give permission for a student to make up work missed or delayed during the term because of an incapacitating illness or condition of any kind, the death of a family member, or a comparable emergency. The residential college dean also has authority to give permission to make up work missed because of the observance of religious holy days and because of participation required in intercollegiate varsity athletic events. Only in these cases does a residential college dean have authority to give permission to make up late work during term time. This permission is conveyed by means of a special form from the college dean that the student delivers to the instructor. Students participating in events of intramural or club sports, as differentiated from varsity events sponsored by the Department of Athletics, are not eligible for a postponement of work by the dean on account of those events.

In all other cases of work missed during the term, permission to make up course work must be secured directly from the instructor of the course, since the instructor is the only person who can decide, in the context of the nature and requirements of the course, whether such permission is appropriate. This permission may not, however, extend beyond the end of the term. Permission to submit work still incomplete at the end of term may be granted only by a student’s residential college dean.

If, after reading this information, you believe you have ground for a Dean’s Excuse, please be in touch with the dean and be sure to CC Terry.

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