Student Coordinators, Residential College Seminar Program


Tilly Brooks

Tilly Brooks (she/her) is a senior from New York, NY studying historical linguistics and semantics. Her research work focuses applications of linguistics to the study of law, but she also has a deep and abiding affection for ancient languages and literature, as well as United States history. In her free time, Tilly loves collecting and reading books, drawing hand turkey cartoons, and painting.




Julia Miranda

Photo of Julia MirandaJulia Miranda (they/he/she) is a senior Anthropology major from Argentina. Their research focuses on trans-oceanic Black and Indigenous storytelling as a mode of resistance to state violence. At Yale, she is an OISS Peer Liaison, is a board member for DEFY (Disability Empowerment for Yale), and is involved in building storytelling and community spaces for queer and trans people of colour. In his spare time, Julia loves attempting to teach himself to be a barista and perching mysteriously on rooftops across New Haven.