Una imus in altum

(Grace Hopper College motto: “Into the deep heaven we go”)

Welcome Grace Hopper Class of 2023!

Dear Class of 2023,

Greetings, and welcome to the digital front door of Grace Hopper College, your home-away-from-home at Yale. By now you will have received your welcome message, and you’ll soon be hearing more from your residential college student leaders and peers.

First-year students in our college live in Bingham Hall on Old Campus. Your First-year Counselor (lovingly known as your “FroCo”), one of seven fabulous seniors who will live with your class in Bingham, is supremely well-versed in all things Yale. The FroCos help incoming students make the transition to college. In addition to providing advice about academics, for example, your counselor can also help with personal queries, including even … what to pack! You’ll be hearing from your FroCo over the summer, so keep an eye out for that message. And before you know it, you’ll meet the FroCos (and a small army of excited Hoppers and Hoplites), on one of our favorite days of the year: Move-In Day!

You’ll also be assigned an advisor from among the fellowship of Grace Hopper College shortly before fall semester begins. The fellows are knowledgeable about overall academic planning. They’ll play an important role as you navigate the first year of your Yale academic career.

Grace Hopper College was renamed in 2017, and all of us here were much in the news as Yale discussed and debated its residential college names. Our college community participated wholeheartedly in this important process. Throughout, we remained a strong, solidary, and self-reflective group – comfortable with complexity and difference, whether of backgrounds, intellectual styles or personal views and opinions. You can catch a glimpse of all this elsewhere on this very website. And when you arrive on campus, even before your first term has begun, you’ll find that the FroCos, as well as either of us, will be happy to talk with you about the many fascinating aspects of Grace Hopper College life.

Hopper is a warm and friendly college, with the homiest courtyard and best buttery at Yale, The Trolley Stop! We’re eager to welcome the Class of 2023 as our newest family members. We hope the rest of your summer is delightful, restful, productive… and everything else that you want it to be. Be prepared for a fantastic year. We can hardly wait to greet you in person!

Boola boola!


Julia Adams

David Francis

Head of College


Grace Hopper College 2019 Graduation

Grace Hopper Courtyard in evening with amber window lights