Grace Hopper Earns Its First Tyng Cup in 42 Years

Una fuimus in altum, Together, we ventured into the deep (of history). Grace Hopper earns its first Tyng Cup Championship in 42 years- breaking the longest standing drought of any residential college- just three years after the residential college ended in last place, 150 points behind any other residential college. Grace Hopper dominated the 2019-2020 Winter Season, earning 41 more points than any other college and ending the year as the only residential college with all 4 basketball teams remaining in the playoffs. Grace Hopper’s 2020 Broomball Squad won it all in what was the most competitive season at The Whale in at least the last 4 years. Grace Hopper earned its second consecutive IM Football Championship and defeated Harvard by a single touchdown in the annual Harvard-Yale IM Football Championship Game. Grace Hopper IMs continues to be marked first and foremost by the high level of sportsmanship each member demonstrates both on and off the field. The Grace Hopper IM Secretaries would like to acknowledge every single individual in Grace Hopper College for their engagement and support throughout our Historic Year, and we would like to thank all of you for the wonderful memories made along the way. We eagerly look forward to celebrating together in the near future and being “The Team to Beat” in next year’s play.

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