Roosevelt L. Thompson Dining Hall

February 18, 2020

In 2016, the College’s august dining hall was named after Roosevelt Levander Thompson (1962-84), an exceptionally inspirational Calhoun and Yale College student who died in a car accident during the spring break of his senior year. “Rosey” had then already accumulated many academic and other signal accomplishments, including a Rhodes Scholarship, and his achievements and civic commitments continue to galvanize our College’s, Yale’s and other undergraduates. 

In 2020, artist Barbara Earl Thomas accepted a commission to design a new set of windows for the dining hall to “confront and contextualize the history of the residential college’s name.” Thomas will also create a pair of metalwork portraits – one of Grace Hopper, and the other of Rosey Thompson.

Find out more regarding the new windows and the naming of the dining hall at the links below:…