Pottery Studio

The Grace Hopper ceramics studio is open to all Hopper students.

The studio benefits from the wisdom of Penelope Van Grinsven, College Arts Fellow, and the energy of Hopper’s student managers, who provide basic instruction on the use of the wheels and studio procedures. After an introductory orientation, students will be assigned a key allowing them access to the studio.  Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to attend a hands-on class to learn basic ceramics and pottery techniques.

Pottery Studio Manager:

Mari is a senior in Hopper College majoring in architecture. She has been manager of the pottery studio for two years and has been working with clay for as long as she can remember. She is happy to host you for workshops in the studio or help out with projects!

For more information about the pottery studio or reservations, please contact the Pottery Studio manager Mari at mariana.melin-corcoran@yale.edu.

For information about ceramics at Hopper and the residential colleges more generally, please email the College Arts Fellow in Ceramics, Penelope Van Grinsven at penelope.vangrinsven@gmail.com. General questions about the studio itself may be asked of Angela in the Head of College Office.