Guest Curator recommends … Zoe Larkin, Grace Hopper ‘24, Writer & Director

Photo of Zoe Larkin, Grace Hopper '24
May 18, 2021


This week’s Guest Curator is Zoe Larkin, a sophomore in Grace Hopper College currently on leave. Zoe is a staff writer for The Yale Record and the Yale Daily News’s WKND section, a member of the Progressive Party, and director of the undergraduate sketch comedy group Red Hot Poker

In addition to Zoe’s selections, I’d like to highlight the Yale Concert Band’s virtual performance of Roma, which honors the nomadic tribes known as the Romani.  Composed by Valerie Coleman, founder of the Grammy Award-winning quintet Imani Winds, “Roma is a tribute to that culture, in five descriptive themes, as told through the eyes and hearts of Romani women everywhere: ‘Romani Women,’ ‘Mystic,’ ‘Youth,’ ’Trickster,’ and ‘History.’ The melodies and rhythms are a fusion of styles and cultures: malagueña of Spain, Argentine tango, Arabic music, Turkish folk songs, 3/2 Latin claves, and jazz.” Click here to watch.